Overview of Platform


The OwnUrGoal Platform consists of an App that runs on iOS, Android or Browser. Further within the App there are 3 distinct sub Apps:
Individual App for Athletes
Team App for Staff
Management App for Coaches and Officials


Team staff also have access to complete and comprehensive back end Administration Console to manage their team, club, association, organisation or competition


Due to the nature of privacy restrictions on what Apps can collect, OwnUrGoal offers it's clients their own Registration Portal for collecting further information on their members and staff. In addition to processing bookings and payments.



Ideal for Teams in managing players, coaches and families.


Clubs and their teams within can be easily managed from within OwnUrGoal


Associations can have their own registration pages to collect all registrations directly into OwnUrGoal


Designed specifically to assist Organisations with the management of their associations and players


Individual App

Athelete Management and Monitoring are well catered for with the Individual App.

Coaches App

Manage all you coaches, their courses and accreditations through you own Coaches App inhert in the OwnUrGoal Platform

Referees App

Managing referees is simple and easy in the OwnUrGoal Platform with the specific App dedicated to these functions

Bench Officials App

A recent addition is the management and accreditations of bench officilas and statisticians.



Ability to send instant push notifications to all members of an association, club, teams, groups within and selected individuals


The Platform provides chat rooms for all entities and the subsequent groups within those entities


Configure Alerts for coaches and staff as well as daily reminders for athletes and staff on various aspects such as sickness, injuries, wellness and activities


Email any Team, Club Association, group or selected individuals. In addition, the platform will send emails to all emails listed against the person's profile

Event Management


Create any type of event for an Team, Club, Association, Group or selected individuals. Also allows quick and easy creation of recurring events.


Make events for courses or take bookings so people can easily book into an event


The OwnUrGoal platform gives coaches and staff easy ways to track and report on attendances


Enter locations in the platform and assign to an event for easy display of maps against each event

Athlete Management

Load Monitoring

Easily and quickly assess each athelete's load to ascertain underloading or overloading Symptoms 

Wellness Monitoring

Track the well being of your athletes to easily indentify athletes at risk. Then use the quick communications option to reach out to them and start a conversation

Heart Rate Tracking

Recently added, record average and maximum heart rates against each activity to further assess the level of excertion of training loads


Let the OwnUrGoal Platform identify the star athletes who do everything they are asked through our compliance dashboards and reports.

General Management


OwnUrGoal allows unlimited number of groups to be established for an entity. Further, add any combination of people to these groups.
From there create events, documents, videos, messages, emails, and chats for each group


Store either files or web links to share with your teams, clubs, associations, groups and / or individual


Store and play unlimited number of videos which can be shared with teams, clubs, associations, groups and / or individuals.


OwnUrGoal has a highly configurable feedback collection mechanism that includes Comments, Rating sliders, Drop Down Selection and more. Choose to show the Athlete or keep against their profile for your own viewing.

Results Based Testing

Result based tests such as Test scores, event results etc are easily stored and used to compare against others in the teams through the Leaderboards.

Percentage Based Testing

Record tests that measure number of successes against number of attempts. Percentages are recorded and can be compared across the team through Leaderboards

Other Features


Manage Accreditations for your Coaches, Referees, Bench Officials and alike

Payment Gateway

The OwnUrGoal Platform has a fully integrated payment gateway to its App, Administration Console and Customer Portals


OwnUrGoal provides a select tool for coaches to make selections for trials and team selections


In addition to selections the platform also allows the configuration of evalualtion data to be collected as part of the selection processes

Master Database

Behind the OwnUrGoal platform all data, events, messages and alike are stored within a central database for easy reporting and data retrieval


OwnUrGoal provides and maintains leaderboards on all tests you configure within the platform for quick and easy comparision of your athletes. 


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Email: support@ownurgoal

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